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Need info for the list

In about 5 Episodes, I plan on making the ultimate Waiting Survival Guide.
This is a guide in how to survive your wait for the Disney College Program.
To do this, I need all of you to help me out!
E-Mail me at and let me know what you do to waste time until the program starts. I need this information by next Tuesday!

I plan on acting it out.... possibly if they're interesting enough.

Quick Update on my week:
Chips won on Wednesday
Thrill CMU was Friday
Episode 20 came out during my relaxation week.

For the next few episodes, here's what I have in store:
I have a meeting with my CMU D-Fam on Thursday.
This entire week is dedicated to Floor Wars here at my Dorm.

And that's this week.

I can't wait to go home for the first time in over 4 months.

-Ryan O'Disney

Episode 20

Thrill CMU

So CM-Life, the newspaper here at CMU, tried to do their own version of "Thrill The World". They weren't as successful as Thrill The World, but then again, I was heavily focused on TTW and Legends of the Dark, so I couldn't help them out. Bad timing on their part... None-the-less, I helped them with learning the dance. You can see my awesome dancing skills up front in the video.

Student dancers "Thrill CMU" from CMLifeVideo on Vimeo.

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Credits Theme Song

I've been toying around with an Extended Version for my "Credits Theme Song" so that people can actually read my credits.

I finished it today.

It will be featured in the next episode of Ryan O's Disney Show

You all will get to decide if you like it better than the old one.

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