Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pirate Day and the 50th Episode

As you all know, this is the adventures of Ryan O' through his Journey into the Disney College Program.

I like to do absolutely crazy things and then put them on youtube.

Given that information, Pirate Day is coming up!

Pirate Day: Everyone dresses like pirates and then we all go on Pirates of the Caribbean, ALL DAY LONG! That's right! The goal is to see how many times I can go on Pirates of the Caribbean in one day, without going insane.
So, you should join me! It'll take place at the Magic Kingdom on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24th at 8:30AM right infront of the Main Entrance. If you're not there at that time, you can join up with me at any time that day. I'll be in Adventureland.

Also, for the 50th episode, I'm going to be including a lot of you. If you're around this week and want to be on my show (either from work or off of work) you need to let me know! I'll put you in for a big special episode. It's going to be [[EPIC]]

... you knew that word was coming...

Anyways, that's all I have. Right now, I have to go to MK with some of my family. My grandma, cousin, and uncle are here.

So leave me some messages if you wanna be in Pirate Day or the 50th Episode. You can shoot me a message on Facebook, or Reply here, or you can send me an E-Mail at

[Enter Credits Theme Song]

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  1. Heyy so Im headed down to Disney for CP this Fall..just a semester behind you and Im in that "get all the disney you can" phase haha... pretty much I caught up with you and "Skipper John" haha seeing what you guys had to say...couple questionss :)

    Is it hard to take the bus to work?
    Get a break at work? Where do ya eat while at work? Pack food?
    Best apartment size? 2,3 or 4 bedrooms?
    Dumbo video!!Its a must do, everyone knows that! haha

    Keep posting! Love the vlogs!