Friday, October 16, 2009

What Do You Do?

I need you guys to please send me a list of what you do while waiting for the program to start, or things to do to occupy your time while waiting for the program. It'll be in one of my vlogs in November, so please send them ASAP! So I can start working on something awesome.

A Vlog for me is usually created like this:
I think of an Idea for an Episode.
I write a rough script.
I do some random filming for random clips to put in there.
I do the full filming of the Episode.
Then I do the long extensive Editing Process (which includes re-filming parts I missed).
Then I publish it via my program.
I Upload it onto Youtube.
Then I post it here.
Then I advertise all over Facebook.

All of this usually takes me about an hour or so...

It's fun.

Next Episode will most likely be up on Sunday.
Episode #9: "Behind Enemy Lines: The Broncos"

1 comment:

  1. Making Vlogs!
    Readin' Disney Stuff.
    Being a creeper on youtube and watching everyone else's vlogs.

    I get so much enjoyment making vlogs, even if no one will ever watch them haha. It's just fun.