Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Break

I love the Disney College Program!

It's a fantastically amazing experience that everyone should do!

However, since I am a CP.... I work every late shift possible. This usually means I work from 5pm-1am or 3am. But, in the week before and after Easter, I picked up a couple of extra shifts and will be working for over 140 hours in these two weeks.

This means that I've been way too tired to vlog, but don't worry!

I will be posting an episode by tomorrow morning.

I already edited it this morning and am waiting for it to do its thing.

Another one will be up by this weekend.

And I'm in the process of a 3rd vlog for this week to make up for it because I love my fans!

However, I need suggestions!

If you have a suggestion, E-Mail it to me at or send it on my facebook or post it on my previous episode! (or you can reply here)

Whatever you gotta do to send me suggestions!

Also, ask me questions cuz I've got lots of answers!

And that's it for this update for Ryan O's Disney Show!

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