Monday, April 12, 2010

The Hopping In Progress

So, I filmed an episode a week or so ago on my day off and it lead to some awesomeness around the resorts. It was so much, that I had to put it into two parts. I'm currently editing the second part.

Speaking of awesomeness, this was an idea brought to you by the viewers of RODS (Ryan O's Disney Show) and I thought it was great!

Quick Update:

Spring Break/Easter is now over so I can go back to my regularly scheduled "One Episode A Week" philosophy.
My Birthday is in One Week!

This week, I'm fixing my muffler, going to Blizzard Beach, and going Horseback Riding at Fort Wilderness.

What else would you like to see for Ryan O's Disney Show?
What's That?
It's Ryan O's Disney Show

1 comment:

  1. Maybe some Segway action or DisneyQuest or a Mountain marathon (Splash, Big Thunder, Space, Everest, Mt Gushmore)
    Love the show btw. Would love to meet you when I arrive on June 1st for the ICP.